• Yurucheng’s Dragon Boat Festival garden tour ended successfully

    The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival in China. After the Dragon Boat Festival, we can learn more about the traditional festivals in my country and experience the meanings contained in the traditional festivals in our country In this activity, the staff can enhance their feelings, f...
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  • The the idex istanbul 2022 exhibition ended successfully

    Shenzhen Yurucheng is not afraid of the epidemic Go to the 2022 Turkey International Dental Exhibition   Actively develop international business Customers from all over the world are very interested in Yurucheng products   There is an endless stream of consultation and negotiation, and the...
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  • Notice on May 1st Holiday Activities,Yucera

                              Adhering to the people-oriented concept, our company decided to take a five-day holiday on May 1st Labor Day! ! ! During this period, customers who want to buy products can contact our staff to receive dis...
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  • Yucera will participate in the idex istanbul 2022 exhibition with the newly developed product 4D Pro zirconia disc!

    With the expectation of all walks of life, Yureca participated in the Turkey exhibition with the newly developed product 4D Pro zirconia!!! Yucera Company, located in Shenzhen, is one of the top three zirconia block manufacturers in China, and also provides CAD/CAM machines and equipment.Yucera p...
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  • Why choose zirconia blocks to make dentures?

    Nowadays, metal porcelain teeth have been gradually eliminated. The disadvantages of metal porcelain teeth have already appeared. Although it is not easy to cause discoloration, the color inside is black, so it will also appear cyan under special light irradiation. If it is a person who has high ...
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  • The Advantages for Yucera 5 axis dental CAD CAM milling machine

    The Advantages for Yucera 5 axis dental CAD CAM milling machine

    Located in Shenzhen special economic zone, Shenzhen Yurucheng Dental Material Co., LTD is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in developing, manufacturing and marketing of Dental equipment and materials. Yurucheng Cherish principles of technology innovation and people-oriented, concentrating...
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  • Yucera brings new products 4D Pro zirconia block to the Dental South China International Exhibition

    Exhibition overview general situation The first day of the 2022 Dental South China International Exhibition Shenzhen Yucera is full of firepower Bring the new product 4D pro multilayer zirconia block  to the blast site 01. Novel and unique exhibition hall design The design of the exhibition hal...
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  • Why traditional dental materials give way to zirconia blocks?

    Among all kinds of denture restoration materials, all-ceramic zirconia teeth have excellent performance and good prospects for future development. The most widely used denture crown restoration materials in clinical use are mainly divided into porcelain and all-ceramic. All-ceramic zirconia teet...
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  • How does the dental prosthesis manufactured ?

      Yucera and Xinghua Dentures, who are the south china distributor of Yucera zirconia block , successfully held an in-house training course on how to accurately manufacture dental prostheses in Shantou Xinghua Dentures Company on the 10th,Nov. This course invites Aiguang Zhao, guest lecturer of...
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  • 3D Plus Multilayer zirconia block, true bionic aesthetics dental zirconia materials

    1.6-layer stacking, 11 layer shades gradient, natural transition, as if Mother Nature created 2.16 preshades and 3 blench white, which fully meet the demands of dental laboratory 3.Multilayer gradient translucency from 57% to 43%, totally transparent and genuine like our nature teeth 4.Strong b...
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  • Shenzhen Station | Shenzhen YUCERA Dental Material Manufacturer About Zirconia Exploring Course

    Yucera All-ceramic Aesthetics Restoration Master’s Advanced Road “Zirconium Blank Material Revealing” course Shenzhen Station ended perfectly on October 28th, at this high and refreshing autumn season! Introduction of Lecture   Miss Shaohui Zhang  Director of Dental Technician ...
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  • Advantage of Yucera New Design Seperated 5 Axis Dental Milling Machine

    Shenzhen Yucera Dental Material Co., LTD is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in developing, manufacturing and marketing of Dental Zirconia Ceramic Block, corresponding CAD/CAM equipment, and other related dental products. As professional laboratory materials supplier, we can provide digit...
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